Saturday, September 17, 2011

List of schools that offer the Laverne Noyes Scholarship for descendents of World War I Veterans

See for information about this scholarship

AlabamaUniversity of Alabama
CaliforniaCalifornia Institute of Technology
CaliforniaUniversity of California
CaliforniaUniversity of Southern California
ColoradoUniversity of Colorado
IllinoisBradley University
IllinoisIllinois College
IllinoisIllinois Institute of Technology
IllinoisIllinois Wesleyan University
IllinoisKnox College
IllinoisMonmouth College
IllinoisNorthwestern University
IllinoisUniversity of Chicago
IllinoisUniversity of Illinois
IndianaIndiana University
IndianaPurdue University
IndianaWabash College
IowaCoe College
IowaCornell College
IowaGrinnell College
IowaIowa State University
IowaState University of Iowa
KansasKansas University
KansasUniversity of Kansas
MassachusettsAmherst College
MichiganMichigan State University
MichiganUniversity of Michigan
MinnesotaCarleton College
MinnesotaUniversity of Minnesota
MissouriUniversity of Missouri
MissouriWashington University
NebraskaUniversity of Nebraska
New MexicoNew Mexico State University
New YorkCornell University
North DakotaNorth Dakota State University
North DakotaUniversity of North Dakota
OhioDenison University
OhioOberlin College
OklahomaOklahoma State University
OklahomaUniversity of Oklahoma
South DakotaSouth Dakota State College of Agriculture
TennesseeGeorge T. Peabody College
TexasSouthern Methodist University
TexasUniversity of Texas
TexasTexas Tech.
Washington, D.C.Howard University
WisconsinBeloit College
WisconsinLawrence College
WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin

Laverne Noyes Scholarship for descendents of WWI veterans

If you know someone whose ancester served in the military during World War I, alert them to this scholarship. It’s available only at a few dozen American colleges and universities, but could provide some much-needed financial assistance.

Generally students must be considered needy to qualify, but these days that’s getting easier! The ancestor must have died in service or been honorably discharged. You must be able to document both the ancestor’s service, and the student’s blood relationship.

See for a list of schools that offer the Laverne Noyes Scholarship.

Inquiries should be addressed to the your school’s financial aid office.

Retirement Calculator

Subtitle should be “You can’t always get what you want…”

T. Rowe Price offers a quick and informative calculator that helps you determine if your retirement income will live as long as you do.

Visit and under Tools & Resources select Retirement Income Calculator.  After your first try, you can modify your assumptions (hopes & dreams?  pie in the sky?) and perhaps get a realistic projection of your post-retirement future.

Best Age to Retire Calculator

Met Life has a quick 3-question calculator to estimate how postponing your retirement will effect your Social Security benefit. See Met Life Social Security calculator at

For us boomers born between 1943 and 1954, here’s a chart showing how our Social Security benefit will be reduced for each month we retire short of our full retirement age of 66: